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MASTER CLASS - EMILY MILLER - High Flying in Ballet

Single Class $25

ABOUT EMILY - IG @emilluh

Emily jumps... HIGH. She wants to share her secrets for height and control in classical ballet with you.

Emily has been turning in circles ever since she learned to walk. After falling in love with classical ballet as a young child, she turned those circles into pirouettes at Performing Arts Workshop in Encinitas. Emily was lucky enough to attend Columbia College Chicago where she earned her BFA in Dancemaking and was supported, shaped, and radically challenged in her training and ideas about what dance was and could be. She has had the immense pleasure and honor of studying under Darrell Jones, Laura Wade, Bonnie Brooks, Carrie Hansen, Peter Carpenter, Dardi McGinley Gallivan, David Dorfman, Larry Rosenberg, Lisa Gonzales, Richard Woodbury, and Kate Corby among others. Emily has since come back to takeover and run Performing Arts Workshop armed with a love for community, a fascination with form/function, and a fervent desire to make as much room for and access to the work as possible. Emily is also the Director of the GETDOWN/PICKUP company, collaborates frequently with the Roger Anderson Chorale Consortium, and is a joyful company member of LITVAKdance under the direction of Sadie Weinberg.